A Wickedly Fun Halloween Display!

This month in our educational email we shared an easy DIY Halloween display that will be sure to enchant! We’ve found that displaying the items so that shoppers can touch, feel, and see how simple it will be to use in their own homes, significantly increases sales. So here is a quick step-by-step stop motion video to show you exactly how we put it together. It’s less than a minute long! 

We’ve also put together a behind the scenes video of the display with our marketing director Candice. She’ll show you what stands, which you’ll see in the video, work the best! 

Here are the links to the items pictured in the video: 

Jewelry stand.

 Don't use these! We found some acrylic stands at a cheaper price were similar to the stands we like, and we’ve tested them for you. Spoiler alert...we don’t recommend them! We hope this saves you some heartache and money! 

Do use these! Here are the acrylic and metal stands we do recommend, watch the video to see why!

Here is the plate stand we love for displaying paper plates.

The most exciting thing about all these pieces is that you will be able to use them each season with My Mind’s Eye holiday and party products! We hope this has been helpful! We have a program designed to assist you with product display, just contact Sean@mymindseye.com if you are interested. You can also let Candice know if you have any questions about the video or display by emailing candice@mymindseye.com 

Happy Halloween!

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